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The Best Watercooler

Water is the most essential nutrient to the body. 

At Jose's Watercoolers we deliver high quality watercoolers for all your refreshment needs, at home or in the office!

The Best Appliances!

Need Afordable Appliances?

Jose's Watercoolers and Appliances delivers everything you need right to your home or office. Providing convenient and reliable appliances to homes or offices with our line of great appliances

Enjoyable Service

If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. Jose's Appliance Service is committed to providing first quality services for a number of projects .

Community Involvement

Jose's Watercoolers and Appliances remains committed to supporting local organizations dedicated to helping others in the community.  Check us out at an upcoming event in your area.

    The best collection!

    We have what we believe to be the largest selection of coolers available from any bottled water distributor in Houston. In addition to our standard Hot & Cold and Cook & Cold coolers , we also offer stainless steel H/C and C/C coolers for designer kitchens (for purchase only).

    A Cooler Way to Go!

    We are a family owned business that is dedicated in the production, sales and distribution of the best water coolers!